The Grand List of Courses

All Completed Courses:
(Syllabi Included in Links with Courses Denoted with ^)

Barnard College/Columbia University
G LDEL, Intro to Earth Sciences I
G LDEL, Intro to Earth Sciences II
Gen LDEL, Americans in Paris
Gen LDEL, Words/Codes/Cryptograms
Gen LDEL, Education and Civil Rights Law
PE LDEL, Fencing
Ger 150, First Year German I
Ger 151, First Year German II
Mus 197, Chorus
Mus LDEL, Intro to Piano
Psy 204, Psychology as a Social Science
Wr 121, First Year English

Cornish College of the Arts
Art 115, Basic Design I
Art 116, Basic Design II
Art 117, Basic Design III

Seattle Central
AL LDEL, College Publication

Washington State University at Vancouver
Ws UDEL, Major Texts Feminist
Eng 410, Selected Topics: Film Studies
Eng UDEL, 20th Century Novel
Ps UDEL, Gender & Politics
Ps UDEL, Media & Political Process

Clark College
Art 131, Intro to Drawing
Ec LDEL, Intro to Economics
Gen LDEL, Trigonometry
Mus LDEL, Vocal Jazz

Portland State University
Psy 434, Intro to Psychopathology
Eng 448, Morrison Et. Al.
Ws 399, Lesbian Lives
Bst 424, African-American/African Culture & Cinema
Psy 342, Social Psychology
Soc 337, Minorities
Bst 407, Seminar: Urban Services & Minorities
Phe 295, Health & Fitness for Life
Mth 111, Intro to College Math I
Sp 100, Intro to Speech Communications
Wr 227, Intro to Technical Writing
Psy 200, Psychology as a Natural Science
Cs 161, Intro to Computer Science I
Mth 112, Intro to College Math II
Ch 227, Chemistry Lab I
PE 185, Tennis
Stat 243, Intro to Probability and Statistics I
PE 185, Indoor Tennis
PE 185, Indoor Tennis
Psy 311, Human Development
Stat 244, Intro to Probability and Statistics II
Wr 323, English Composition
PE 185, Tennis
Wr 420, Writing Process Response
Art 224, Graphic Design I
Art 227, Computer Graphics I
Art 228, Computer Graphics I
Art 226, Graphic Design I
Mup 190, Applied Music: Piano
Mup 190, Applied Music: Voice
Art 326, Computer Graphics II
Wr 404, Intern: Nth Degree
Wr 404, Intern: Nth Degree
Ph 410, Observational Astronomy
Ws 410, Gender Differences in Media
ArH 439, History of Architecture I
ArH 440, History of Architecture II
Art 229, Computer Graphics I
Art 328, Computer Graphics II: Web Design
Art 410, Computer Graphics II: Multimedia
Art 320, Graphic Design II
Bi 251, Principles of Biology I
Mth 251, Calculus I
Psy 464, Developmental Psychopathology
Art 132, Intro to Drawing II
Mth 252, Calculus II
Psy 410, Gender, Psychology, Film
Mus 362, History of Rock Music
Psy 310, Psychology of Women
Psy 410, Meds & Mental Health
ArH 204, History of Western Art I
Ch 199, Intro to Pre-Med
Ch 221, General Chemistry I
Fr 101, First Year French I
ArH 205, History of Western Art II
ArH 457, Medieval Art
Bst 214, Intro to Contemporary Race/Ethnicity
Psy 410, Biological Development Bases
ArH 206, History of Western Art III
Psy 410, Psychology of Oppression/Empowerment
Psy 321, Research Methods in Psychology
Ws 301, Gender & Critical Inquiry
ArH 491, Modern Art I
Art 270, Intro to Printmaking
Fr 101, First Year French I
ArH 492, Modern Art II
Art 321, Communication Design Studio IV
Fr 102, First Year French II
Art 225, Communication Design Studio II
ArH 450, Coptic/Egypt Art History
Psy 459, Infant Development
Ger 101, First Year German I
Span 101, First Year Spanish I
Ger 102, First Year German II
Span 102, First Year Spanish II
ArH 449, Methods in Art History
Fr 103, First Year French III
Ger 103, First Year German III
Fr 201, Second Year French I
Ger 201, Second Year German I
ArH 481, 19th Century Art
FL 399, Reason & Revolution
Fr 202, Second Year French II
Ger 202, Second Year German II
Mus 301, Survey of Music Lit I
Art 440, Interactive Team
Ger 203, Second Year German III
Mup 190, Applied Music
Ling 390, Intro to Linguistics
ArH 290, History of Modern Design
Ger 301, Listening & Speaking
ArH 291, History of Animation^
Ger 302, Reading & Writing
Ger 441, Major Works: Nazi Culture
Ws 399, Women & Body Image
Hst/Ws 343, American Family History^
ArH 499, Contemporary Art II
ArH 399, Issues in Contemporary African Art^
Mth 251, Calculus I^
Mth 261, Intro to Linear Algebra^
ArH 459, Gothic Art^
Mth 252, Calculus II^
Psy 410, Intro to Behavioral Neuroscience^
Mth 253, Calculus III
Mth 254, Calculus IV^
Ws 315, Feminist Analysis^
ArH 431, Women in Visual Arts^
ArH 407, Seminar: Psychoanalysis & Art^
ArH 493, Modern Art III^
Eng 305, Topics in Film: Hitchcock^
Ger 410, Modern German Film^^
Bst 450, Cuban Film^
Cs 162, Intro to Computer Science II^
Eng 304, Critical Theory of Cinema
Cs 250, Discrete Structures I^
Cs 251, Discrete Structures II^
Ta 331, Understanding Movies^
Art 254, Typography I
Hst 352, European Women’s History to 1700^
Hst 350, English History 1066-1660^
Hst 354, Early Medieval Europe, 300-1100^
Stat 451, Applied Stats for Engineers/Scientists^
Art 320, Communication Design Studio III^
Hst 457, Topics in Early Modern Europe: The Witch Hunt^
Ec 201, Principles of Microeconomics^
Hst 444, History of the Pacific NW^
Wr 459, Memoir Writing^
ArH 426, African Art^
Ec 202, Principles of Macroeconomics^
Hst 338, Oregon History^
Art 354, Typography II^
Wr 410, D3/JavaScript Visual Storytelling^
Wr 410, DITA/XML^
Art 441, Interface/Interactive Design
Mus 377, Latin/Caribbean Music^
Bst 206, Intro to Caribbean Studies^
Mus 105, Intro to Music Theory^
Mus 355, Jazz History^
Econ 311, Microeconomic Theory^
Econ 340, International Economics^
Nas 201, Intro to Native American Studies *Final Project Link
Econ 312, Macroeconomic Theory^
Hst 442, Race/Class/Gender in the West^
Hst 452, Topics: History of European Women & Gender^
Art 470, Contemporary Design Projects^
Hst 356, Renaissance/Reformation Europe^
Hst 429, Topics in US Cultural History: Africa^
Sped 410, Autism Spectrum Disorders^
Art 472, Communication Design Portfolio^
Hst 357, Reformations to Revolutions: Europe^
ArH 399, Medieval Monsters^
Eng 340, Medieval Literature^
Hst 324, US Civil Rights Movements^
ArH 450, Digital Toolkit for Art History^
Eng 300, Literary Form and Analysis^
Hst 369, Women in World History^
Cs 163, Data Structures^
Cs 299, CS Lab
Cs 202, Programming Systems^
Bio 212/215, Principles of Biology II with Lab^
Bio 213/216, Principles of Biology III with Lab^
Cs 201, Systems Programming^
Wr 301, Critical Writing for English^
Ec 332, Economics of Environmental Issues^
Hst 300, Historic Imagination^
Hst 339, Environment & History^
Cs 300, Elements of Software Engineering^
Eng 344, Victorian Literature^
Cs 311, Computational Structures^
Cs 350, Algorithms & Complexity^
Eng 326, Lit Comm Difference^
Eng 342, 18th Century Literature^
Cs 465, Full-Stack Web Development^ **
Cs 320, Principles of Programming Languages^
Hst 427, Topics in the History of Science: Women in Science^
Cs 333, Operating Systems^
Hst 368, Mexico & Brazil in the 20th Century^
Cs 305, Social/Ethical/Legal Implications of Computer Science^
Mth 486, History of Math^
Phil 314, Computer Ethics^
Econ 460, History of Economic Thought^
Cs 469, Software Engineering Capstone Part 1^
Cs 470, Software Engineering Capstone Part 2^***
Cs 486, Intro. to Database Management Systems^
G 200, Field Studies: Mt. Hood^
MUS 188 Performance Attendance^
HST 325 Chicano/a History 1492-1900^
CS 441 Artificial Intelligence^
MUS 205 Listening I^
MUS 206 Listening II^
MUS 360 Guitar History & Music^
SPHR 461 Neurology of Speech & Hearing^

*** For our capstone project we created an online version of the Glass Plate Game.

** My class partner and I made the BrainSpark website for our term project for CS 465.

^^I conceptualized and put together the Modern German Film Website and populated the site with information that my classmates helped to gather.


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