Computer Science (in process)

I am still fulfilling the requirements for the Computer Science major at Portland State.

Major Courses Completed:
CS 161, Introduction to Computer Science I
CS 162, Introduction to Computer Science II
CS 163, Data Structures
CS 250, Discrete Structures I
CS 251, Discrete Structures II
CS 299, CS Lab
CS 202, Programming Systems
CS 201, Systems Programming
CS 300, Elements of Software Engineering
CS 311, Computational Structures
CS 350, Algorithms & Complexity
CS 464, Full-Stack Web Development
CS 320, Principles of Programming Languages
CS 333, Operating Systems
CS 305, Social/Ethical/Legal Implications of Computer Science
CS 469, Software Engineering Capstone Part 1
CS 470, Software Engineering Capstone Part 2
CS 486, Intro to Database Management Systems


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