History (in process)

I am still fulfilling the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in History degree at Portland State. I have also been inducted into the National History honor society, Phi Alpha Theta.

Major Courses Completed:

Hit 300, Historic Imagination
Hst 324, US Civil Rights Movements
Hst 338, Oregon History
Hst 339, Environment & History
Hst 343, American Family History
Hst 350, English History 1066-1660
Hst 352, European Women’s History to 1700
Hst 354, Early Medieval Europe 300-1100
Hst 356, Renaissance/Reformation Europe
Hst 357, Reformations to Revolutions Europe
Hst 368, Mexico & Brazil in the 20th Century
Hst 369, Women in World History
Hst 427, History of Science: Women Scientists
Hst 429, Topics in US Cultural History: Africa
Hst 442, Race/Class/Gender in the West
Hst 444, History of the Pacific NW
Hst 452, Topics: History of European Women & Gender
Hst 457, Topics in Early Modern Europe: Witchcraft


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