Psychology BA 2021

I have fulfilled the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree at Portland State. I was awarded the degree in Summer 2021. As well, I have been inducted into the National Honor Society for Psychology, Psi Chi.

Major Courses Completed:

Stat 243, Introduction to Probability & Statistics I
Stat 244, Introduction to Probability & Statistics II
Psy 204, Psychology as a Social Science
Psy 200, Psychology as a Natural Science
Psy 321, Research Methods in Psychology
Psy 311, Human Development
Psy 410, Biological Development Bases
Psy 410, Psychology of Oppression & Empowerment
Psy 459, Infant Development
Psy 410, Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience
Psy 342, Social Psychology
Psy 434, Introduction to Psychopathology
Psy 464, Developmental Psychopathology
Psy 410, Gender Psychology Film
Psy 310, Psychology of Women
Psy 410, Meds & Mental Health


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