Social Science BA 2021

I have fulfilled the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Social Science degree at Portland State. I was awarded the degree in Summer 2021.

Major Courses Completed:

Ec LDEL, Introduction to Economics
Psy 204, Psychology as a Social Science
Psy 200, Psychology as a Natural Science
Ws 399, Lesbian Lives
Ps UDEL, Gender & Politics
Ps UDEL, Media Political Process
Ws UDEL, Major Texts Feminist
Psy 342, Social Psychology
Soc 337, Minorities
Bst 407, Seminar: Urban Services & Minorities
Psy 311, Human Development
Ws 410, Gender Differences & Media
Psy 434, Introduction to Psychopathology
Psy 464, Developmental Psychopathology
ArH 459, Writing Intensive Course: Gothic Art


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