English BS 2021

I have completed the requirements for the Bachelor of Science English major at Portland State University. I was awarded the degree in Summer 2021.

Major Courses Completed:

Eng 448, Morrison Et. Al.
Eng 410, Selected Topics: Film Studies
Eng UDEL, 20th Century Novel
Wr 420, Writing Process Response
Wr 404, Intern: Nth Degree
Wr 404, Intern: Nth Degree
Eng 305, Topics in Film: Hitchcock
Eng 304, Critical Theory of Cinema
Wr 459, Memoir Writing
Wr 410, Dita Info Architecture XML
Wr 410, D3JS Visual Storytelling
Eng 300, Literary Form & Analysis
Wr 323, English Composition
Ling 390, Intro to Linguistics
Eng 340, Medieval Literature
Wr 301, Critical Writing for English
Eng 344, Victorian Literature
Eng 326, Lit, Comm, Difference
Eng 342, 18th Century Literature


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