Graphic Design BA 2021

I have fulfilled the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design degree at Portland State. I was awarded the degree in Summer 2021.

Major Courses Completed:

Art 115, Basic Design I
Art 116, Basic Design II
Art 117, Basic Design III
Art 224, Graphic Design I
Art 225, Communication Design Studio II
Art 226, Graphic Design I for Art 118
Art 227, Computer Graphics I for Art 120
Art 228, Computer Graphics I for Art 200
Art 229, Computer Graphics I for Art 210
Art 254, Typography I
Art 131, Introduction to Drawing I
Art 132, Introduction to Drawing II
Art 270, Introduction to Printmaking
ArH 204, History of Western Art I
ArH 205, History of Western Art II
ArH 206, History of Western Art III
ArH 290, History of Modern Design
Art 320, Graphic Design II
Art 320, Communication Design Studio III
Art 321, Communication Design Studio IV
Art 326, Computer Graphics II
Art 328, Computer Graphics II, Web Design for Art 341
Art 354, Typography II
Art 410, Computer Graphics II Multimedia for Art 342
Art 440, Interactive Team
Art 441, Interface/Interactive Design
ArH 439, History of Architecture I
ArH 493, Modern Art III
ArH 426, African Art
Art 470, Contemporary Design Projects
Art 472, Communication Design Portfolio


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