Activities & Interests


Art, Art History, Music, Graphic Design, Illustration, Fabric Design, Cats, Sewing, Crafting, Reading, Blogging, Vlogging, Math & Science, Writing, Promoting Mental Illness Awareness, Social Media, Books, Photography, Animation, Web Design, Computing/Computer Science, Information Design, Film, TV & Media, History, Psychology/Psychiatry, Social Justice, Fat Acceptance, Hello Kitty, Plushies, Rain…lots of Rain!

Portfolio Site:
Singer @
History Blogger @
Yapper @
Random Blogger @
HK Blogger @
Bearista Blogger @
Cute Blogger @
Vlogger @
Fabric Designer @
Shop Owner @
Library Cataloger @

American Psychological Association Student Member
American Medical Student Association Member
Guitar/Voice/Piano Instruction
Columbia University Glee Club
1992 March on Washington for Reproductive Freedom
Barnard-Columbia Chorus

Me Singing


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