Arts and Letters BA 2021

I have fulfilled the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Letters degree at Portland State. I was awarded the degree in Summer 2021.

Major Courses Completed:

AL LDEL, College Publication
Art 115, Basic Design I
Art 116, Basic Design II
Art 117, Basic Design III
Art 131, Introduction to Drawing
Mus 197, Chorus
Mus LDEL, Introduction to Piano
Eng 448, Morrison Et. Al.
Bst 424, African-American/African Culture & Cinema
Eng 410, Film Analysis
Eng UDEL, 20th Century Novel
Wr 420, Writing Process Response
Art 326, Computer Graphics II
Wr 404, Intern: Nth Degree Magazine
Wr 404, Intern: Nth Degree Magazine
ArH 439, History of Architecture I
ArH 440, History of Architecture II
WS 301, Writing Intensive Course: Gender & Critical Inquiry


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