Art History BA 2021

I have fulfilled the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Art History-Critical Analysis Track degree at Portland State. I was awarded the degree in Summer 2021.

Major Courses Completed:

ARH 204, History of Western Art I
ARH 205, History of Western Art II
ARH 206, History of Western Art III
ARH 290, History of Modern Design
ARH 291, History of Animation
ARH 399, Contemporary African Art
ARH 399, Medieval Monsters
ARH 407, Seminar: Psychoanalysis & Art
ARH 426, African Art
ARH 431, Women in Visual Arts
ARH 439, History of Architecture I
ARH 440, History of Architecture II
ARH 449, Methods in Art History
ARH 450, Coptic Art
ARH 450, Digital Toolkit for Art History
ARH 457, Medieval Art
ARH 459, Gothic Art
ARH 481, 19th Century Art
ARH 491, Modern Art I
ARH 492, Modern Art II
ARH 493, Modern Art III
ARH 499, Contemporary Art II
ART 224, Graphic Design I


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