Economics (TBD)

I have fulfilled the requirements for the Economics minor at Portland State, but I may be changing this to a major.

Minor Courses Completed:

Econ 201, Principles of Economics, Microeconomics
Econ 202, Principles of Economics, Macroeconomics
Mth 251, Calculus I
Mth 252, Calculus II
Mth 253, Calculus III
Mth 254, Calculus IV
Mth 261, Introduction to Linear Algebra
Stat 451, Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists I
Econ 311, Microeconomic Theory
Econ 312, Macroeconomic Theory
Econ 332, Economics of Environmental Issues
Econ 340, International Economics
Stat 243, Statistics I
Stat 244, Statistics II


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